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Leading hydraulic manifold system manufacturer
Core business
Hydroplus BV specialises in the design, assembly and testing of hydraulic manifold systems within the Fluid Power Industry. The company was founded in 1995, working beside its sister company Mabotec BV. Hydroplus' expertise lies in the company's knowledge of cartridge valve manifold systems. By careful circuit design and valve selection, the company's highly experienced engineers produce integrated hydraulic manifold systems which are appropriate to various needs of customers.
Sister company Mabotec as a supplier
Mabotec specialises in the manufacture of hydraulic manifold blocks up to ten tonnes in weight. Operating from the same premises, Mabotec complements Hydroplus to provide a unique solution to the customers integrated hydraulic manifold system requirements. As a winning team, Hydroplus and Mabotec stand for sophisticated solutions within the Fluid Power Industry.
Other suppliers
Moog valves are used extensively within Hydroplus designs, however this is supplemented with the use of SUN, Bosch Rexroth and Bucher valves to offer the customer the best possible solution. In situations where valves from other manufacturers need to be used, the customer can be assured that only the highest quality products are used within a Hydroplus manifold system.

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Sister company Mabotec

ISO 9001 quality in manufacturing hydraulic manifold blocks.

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