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Seawater instead of oil

Because of environmental reasons a strong demand is rising within the offshore industry for clean and environmentally friendly fluids to operate hydraulic systems.
Research has been executed for the use of seawater instead of oil as a fluid substance within hydraulic systems. Hydroplus BV had a prominent role during this research.

In 2009 Hydroplus BV was invited by IHC-Hydrohammer for a brainstorming session in order to develop a seawater resistant manifold system. Engineers from HYDROPLUS took this challenge and designed a system based on a manifold made of Duplex Stainless Steel with special Inconel Steel cartridges.
For the first time in its hystory, Hydroplus B.V. has now (2012) launched a manifold system which is to use seawater as a hydraulic preliminary fluid.

Super hydraulic manifold systems

Very large and complicated integrated hydraulic manifold systems are increasingly needed within certain segments of the Fluid Power Industry. After extensive research Hydroplus has proven experiences to comply with these specific needs.

*In December 2013, Hydroplus supplied the biggest hydraulic manifold system in their history. It concerns a hydraulic manifold system with a total weight of approximately 4500 KG.
The block-system had been assembled with MOOG cartridges and SUN valves.
The manifold itself is produced by sister company Mabotec.
This manifold system is now being used as main part in a hydraulic power unit within a –offshore- piling hammer application.
Inspiration often results in a vision to perform better or to produce products which are desperately needed in Hydroplus’ branche of Fluid Power Industry. Innovation is an ever on going process. It makes our branche of industry enhance and develop towards even higher professionality.
Inspiration ends up in ideas which must prove improvement. Hydroplus invests in efforts and projects to prove its future visions.

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